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We are a custom factory for ssd hard disk processing, we provide all customers with the best ssd, hdd, usb solutions, we understand your needs and solve your difficulties.
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Mike Hughes
New York
Very good product we have used over 15 of them and the performance is as good as the big brands if not better.
Rachel Hudson
Produto muito bom, atendeu minha expectativa. Ponto negativo é a demora para entregar.
Samuel Barrett
New York
received the goods in good order. shipping took a while due to order placement issues. the auto order option did not factor in the correct shipping. I've had a chance to install windows on one of the drives and I'm very happy with the performance of the ssd. good product.
Alexander Woods
New York
a qualidade muito boa o vendedor um ótimo atendimento vou comprar muito
Olivia Douglas
New York
Tina é uma excelente vendedora e muito atenciosa atendendo até fora do horário de expediente para tirar as dúvidas, excelente produto, semana que vem vou fazer outro pedido.
Katherine Garrett
New Hampshire

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