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solid disks SSD

solid state drive SSD OEM solid disks original: SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector(disks SSD)  SSD is in Faster Improvements after R-CNN and YOLO solid disks, using arch solid disks, Similar to you dividing the lattice for prediction, it is a one-stage detection method, and the main improvement is the introduction of multi-scale prediction, not only the prediction output at the end of the network. Because the lower layer contains more image detail, using a feature map of the lower layer of the network (shallow layer) can enhance the semantic information and improve the prediction effect. anchor’s design The size of the anchor in the SSD is not uniformly scaled according to the size of the feature map. Instead, a linear interpolation transformation is set manually:  set the following values for aspect ratios of anchor: According to a_r, anchor width is calculated as:disks SSD so for each grid position, a total of 6 anchor pre-check boxes are generated. in addition, the center coordinate of the anchor is: compared to the previous practice, the anchor size shapes in the SSD are richer and can better match the objects in the image. box matches after generating the anchor preselector box, first for each ground truth box, select and it has the largest IOU The pre-selection box (written as Jaccard overlap) is matched, labeled as a positive sample, for training.

ram ddr4 vs SSD

ram ddr4 & SSD external hard disk SSD OEM ram ddr4 Chinese a long-standing view on the Internet: SSD hard disk cannot partition. the rationale can be summarized as follows: SSD exists read-write equalization algorithmram ddr4,” Partitioning will cause a portion of storage space to be excluded from read-write equalization ram ddr4, which reduces SSD lifetime. but recently when tossing a dual system I wondered why all the discussions on the dual system have not talked about the problem of “partition performance reduction”? Obviously you can’t install a dual system without partitioning (WSL does not count) so I searched and found the following post: which has a detailed explanation, as well as some corresponding more specific information, interested students can click into it themselves. for students who are too lazy to read the original text, I will summarize the views roughly: 1, partitioning does not have any effect on the SSD, because the SSD isolates the physical location, the operating system does not know the physical location of the file at all, as long as you read and write the file, its distribution may change randomly. Therefore, there is no such thing as “the separated area will not be manipulated”. Partitioning is just an “illusion” of the operating system, and you can even deliberately leave an unpartitioned space when partitioning, which can extend the life

ssd 512gb Interpreting SSDs[a]

ssd 512gb interpreted SSDs. m2 SSD OEM SSD 512GB Prefix: SSD ssd 512gb, the so-called solid-state storage SSD 512gb, is a semiconductor flash memory (NAND FLASH) as the media of storage devices, and HDD (traditional mechanical hard disk) in performance, power consumption, reliability and other aspects have a very large advantage, today we will take a look at it.” , Basic architecture A. Controller B, Flash C, cache chip (DRAM, optional, some only SRAM) D. Printed circuit board part E, Interface Section (SATa/SAS/PCIe) F, firmware FW, which plays a very important role in the SSD, is responsible for scheduling data from the interface side to the media side, embedded core flash media life and reliability management scheduling algorithms, and other SSD algorithms. From the above elaboration, we can roughly understand that in solid-state storage, there are three core parts: 1. Controller 2. South Dvrush section 3. The company So what are the major flash vendors on the market today? To summarize: 1. Micron 2. Samsung 3, modern Hynix 4. Toshiba 5. Western Digital and SanDisk In the current flash memory market, basically monopolized by the above manufacturers, in the domestic storage enterprises, mainly Yangtze River Storage (NANDflash), Changxin Storage (DRAM, only D4 in 2019), Fuzhou Jinhua, but the mainstream market to buy domestic wafer manufacturers is still relatively small, in the technology accumulation is very

ssd 500gb Science Lecture Hall Solid State Drive (SSD) Literacy

ssd 500gb Science Lecture Hall Solid State Drive (SSD) Literacy 1tb ssd driveSD OEM ssd 500gb solid-state drive ssd 500gb, abbreviated SSD It’s no longer new. Whether it is a manufacturer of the whole machine online or a user who buys accessories to assemble a computerssd 500gb, basically SSD as the first choice, and the opposite hard disk drive ( HDD for short) is usually treated as a warehouse disk. in order to facilitate understanding, we use the form of a table to briefly distinguish the similarities and differences between the two hard disks (taking the 2.5-inch product as an example), and then mainly for the SSD to make some instructions. the above figure, it can be seen that in addition to price factors, SSD basically shows a comprehensive crushing trend. This is mainly caused by the different ways in which the data is stored.ssd 500gb interlude, we get to the point. For most PC hardware, there is never more than one industry-approved classification standard. Only by understanding SSDs from different latitudes can we have a deeper understanding of this part. according to this latitude can be divided into three categories of common SSDs: SATA interface, M.2 interface, PCIE interface. the conclusions obtained below are based on the control variables (interface types), and all other conditions are the same by default. SATA interface of the


【M.2 SSD】disco duro ssdHow do I add an SSD to my laptop?

disco duro ssdHow do I add an SSD to my laptop? hard drive SSD OEM disco duro ssd I have written extensively about SSD disco duro ssd, a friend left a message saying M.2 SSD Although gooddisco duro ssd, but I am a notebook, I can’t use it.” Laptops are known for their small size, most notebooks only have a 2.5-inch hard disk space, must have installed the hard disk, many are still mechanical hard disks. Even the SSD is also A SATA interface, can not use the latest NVMe technology: in fact, the current notebook motherboards are with M.2 interface, you can install an M.2 SSD yourself. most notebooks,M.2 SSD open the back cover to see the M.2 interface: there are some notebooks such as Lenovo, very intimate can be expanded memory slot and M.2 slot into a convenient open cover: Before installing the M.2 hard drive, determine whether the motherboard and the M.2 hard drive are compatible. Reference 1 is a list of compatibility situations for some notebooks on the market, but it is older. here to introduce the types of M.2 SSD interfaces, basically divided into two types: NVMe SSDs are only M notch; Mainstream SATA SSDs are B+M or only B. and the slots of the motherboard have several cases: only B Key, only M key, and both B Key and M


disco solidoLittle White SSD SSD Selection Guide

disco solidoLittle White SSD SSD Selection Guide disco solidoSSD OEMdisco Solido compared to traditional mechanical hard disk disco solido,” solid-state drive (also known as SSD) is smaller and lighter, 2-10 times faster than mechanical hard disk disco solido, which can effectively solve the problems of slow computer boot, software opening, slow web pages, slow game loading, system running caton, etc., so whether you are a notebook or a desktop, whether you are ready to assemble a new computer or upgrade an old computer, I recommend that you replace an SSD.” here I will briefly introduce the choice SSD must know a few points, do not want to see can also jump directly to the second half of the single product introduction, according to the budget to choose one. We can follow the steps below to select SSD 1.See select SSD interface type SSDs the most common SSDs are SATA interface SSDs and M.2 nvme SSD. SSDs with SATA interfaces are the most widely used, half the size of a palm, and have been used in previous years. The high-performance SSD of the NVME protocol of the M.2 interface is new in the past two years, about the size of two fingers, and its sequential read and write speed or 4K IPOS performance is more than twice as high as that of the SATA interface, and


ddr3 Does your HDD have an RV vibration sensor? Three 2.5″ HDD Tests

ddr3 Does your HDD have an RV vibration sensor? Three 2.5″ HDD Tests solid disks SSD OEMddr3 mechanical hard drives for everyone ddr3 + 8618750919058, although SSDs is decreasing year by year ddr3 , but in terms of capacity / price ratio, there is still a long way to go from the mechanical hard disk. Although HDD has the advantage of large capacity, but now the hard disk storage density is getting higher and higher, the head is too close to the platter, and the current hard disk is becoming more and more fragile, and it is often seen that the mobile hard disk and notebook hard disk are damaged. For 3.5-inch mechanical hard disks, because they are fixed in the chassis or NAS or hard disk boxes for many years, they are not often moved, so the problem of shock resistance is not too serious, and the failure rate is not high. Most notebooks are equipped with HDD mechanical hard disks as standard, and daily work often uses removable hard disks, these two use scenarios inevitably need to be moved frequently, so the shockproof problem of 2.5-inch hard disks is particularly prominent. many years ago, ThinkPad notebooks have a very eye-catching function called APS Active Hard Disk Protection System (ThinkVantage Active Protection System), the principle is that the notebook has a built-in acceleration sensor,


ssd 256g bSSD hard disk gradually replaced HDD mechanical hard disk is already the trend of the times

ssd 256gb SSD hard disk gradually replaced HDD mechanical hard disk is already the trend of the times harddrive SSD OEMssd 256gb SSD hard disk gradually replacing HDD mechanical hard disk is the trend of the timesssd 256gb+8618750919058, In 2016, the global SSD hard drives shipped 150 million ssd 256gb . It will grow further to 250 million by 2021, with a market value of up to $30 billion, which is a blue ocean in the storage market. Unfortunately, at present, this market is mainly monopolized by foreign companies, Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, Western Digital and other companies are the biggest winners in the NAND flash memory market, the only good news is that domestic companies have now entered the storage market, accelerating development in the fields of NAND flash memory, SSD master control and so on. in the NAND flash memory, DRAM memory market, Chinese manufacturers need chips almost 100% dependent on imports, so the national semiconductor development plan has chosen memory chips as a breakthrough, especially the Unigroup-led Yangtze River Storage in Wuhan to build the largest domestic memory chip base, the first phase of investment of 24 billion US dollars, the main production of 3D NAND flash memory, the monthly production capacity of up to 300,000 wafers / month. gradually solve the problem of NAND flash memory supply, domestic manufacturers have also invested in


ddr3 memory Завершение серии РДР

ddr3 memory Завершение серии РДР  ddr 4 8gb SSD OEMddr3 память автор: Yibo Technology серия DDR продолжается уже почти 4 месяца с начала и до настоящего времениddr3 memory+8618750919058, наконец-то пришло время попрощаться со всеми ddr3 memory+8618750919058, иначе мы сами вот-вот устанем от эстетики, и хочу начать благодарить всех поклонников Mr. High Speed за их неустанное внимание к нам, опуская здесь несколько слов… (Еще раз спасибо). помните, как кто-то однажды спросил меня: «Вы безоговорочно написали некоторые технические детали в статье Mr. High Speed, вы не боитесь, что все научатся не находить вас, чтобы сделать это?» Все, что я мог сказать, было: «Ага! «Мы изначально технологическая платформа, обмен техническими сухими товарами является нашим первоначальным намерением, я надеюсь, что наш обмен может улучшить каждого в их повседневной работе, чтобы иметь более полное понимание некоторых вопросов, это то, что мы делаем, конечно, мы не боимся всех учиться». В сегодняшней серии выводов ГДР я подумал о похожем вопросе: «Можете ли вы прочитать нашу статью и быть уверенным, что система ГДР не будет проблемой?» «Я так не думаю, даже если мы разработаем его изнутри себя, трудно гарантировать, что он будет надежным». Знать, как это сделать, и сделать это успешно на самом деле две разные вещи. Наша статья может только помочь вам улучшить ваше понимание некоторых проблем, расширить объем ваших знаний, чем больше знаний вы накопите, в определенной степени, тем больше это


ram memory 4gb Статья, чтобы понять важность DDR в проектировании печатных плат и проводке

ram memory 4gb Статья, чтобы понять важность DDR в проектировании печатных плат и проводке Внешний жесткий диск SSD OEMram память 4GBDDR кабели играют ключевую роль в проектировании печатных плат PCB designram memory 4gb+8618750919058.) Соответствие длины линии является еще одним важным звеном. Давайте рассмотрим, что основным принципом маршрутизации DDR, согласования длины строки является: адрес, сигнал управления / команды и тактовая частота должны делать одинаковую длину. Сигнал данных имеет ту же длину, что и DQS. Почему вы должны ждать длины? Люди скажут, что необходимо позволить одному и тому же набору сигналов достичь принимающего конца в одно и то же время, чтобы принимающий чип мог обрабатывать эти сигналы одновременно. Итак, когда тактовый сигнал и адрес достигают принимающего конца одновременно, каково соответствие формы сигнала? Давайте посмотрим на конкретную форму сигнала с помощью моделирования. установить следующие каналы для имитации адресного сигнала и тактового сигнала DDR3 соответственно. для удобства расчета, мы предполагаем, что тактовая частота DDR составляет 500 МГц, так что скорость соответствующего адресного сигнала должна составлять 500 Мбит/ с, здесь мы должны понимать, что хотя DDR является двойной скоростью, но для адреса / управляющего сигнала это все еще одна скорость. Давайте посмотрим на форму сигнала, в случае адреса и часов имеют точно такую же длину, принятая форма сигнала стороны адреса и данных такая, как показано на рисунке 2 ниже, красный представляет адресный сигнал, а зеленый представляет тактовый сигнал. над формой


hard diskСогласование длины линии DDR и время (Часть 2)

hard diskСогласование длины линии DDR и время (Часть 2) 1tb ssd SSD В предыдущей статье ожестком диске OEM мы использовали примеры моделирования, чтобы показать вам время успокоения и время удержания адресов относительно часов в DDR. Итак, какова связь между сигналами данных и DQS? Мы знаем, что твердый диск+8618750919058“, DDR по сравнению с обычной SDRAMтвердый диск+8618750919058,” Скорость чтения в два раза выше, чем у обычной SDRAM, как это понять? Первоначально SDRAM запускался восходящим или нисходящим краем при записи или чтении данных, поэтому обратите внимание, что это только восходящий или нисходящий край, а не восходящие и опускающиеся края, которые действительны одновременно. Если тактовая частота составляет 800 МГц, соответствующая скорость передачи данных составляет 800 Мбит / с. Но сигнал данных DDR в два раза быстрее, если частота DQS составляет 800 МГц, то скорость сигнала данных должна составлять 1600 Мбит/с. Давайте посмотрим на это через конкретные примеры моделирования. Рисунок 1 Схема моделирования DQ и DQS канала моделирования, как показано на рисунке выше, драйвер и приемник являются моделью IBIS компании по производству чипов, а форма сигнала моделирования выглядит следующим образом: Рисунок 2 Формы сигналов моделирования DQ и DQS Мы генерируем глазные диаграммы сигналов DQS и DQ одновременно и наблюдаем их в одном окне, результаты следующие: Рисунок 3 Диаграммы глаз DQ и DQS Здесь автор первоначально хотел смоделировать временное соответствие между DQS и DQ, когда DDR записывал операции. В предыдущей статье

nvme ssd Introduction to SSD Principles

nvme ssd Introduction to SSD Principles disco duro solidoSSD OEMnvme ssd SSD is Solid State Drivenvme ssd+8618750919058, that is, the abbreviation for SSD. At present, the mainstream SSD is a storage device that uses semiconductor flash memory (Flash) as a mediumnvme ssd+8618750919058, SSD is different from HDD (Hard Disk Drive) mechanical hard disk. SSD was born in the 1970s, the earliest SSD used RAM, RAM power-down data will be lost, the price is particularly expensive. Later, flash-based SSDs appeared, and after flash memory power-downs, data was not lost, and flash SSDs slowly replaced RAM SSDs. At this time, HDD disks have occupied most of the storage market. By the beginning of this century, due to the continuous advancement of the process, SSDs have won great development, capacity and performance continue to increase, and prices continue to decline. HDD in the process and technology has been difficult to have a breakthrough, SSD in performance and capacity is still breaking through, relative to the shrinking HDD market, whether it is the rapid popularization of SSD in the enterprise market or the consumer market, SSD market share has been expanding. It is believed that in the near future, SSDs will replace HDDs as mainstream storage devices in the field of online storage and become the mainstream devices of software-defined storage. in the mode of operation, HDD uses disks,