ssd 512gb Some Insights on SMR Technology for HDDs

ssd 512gb

ssd 512gb Some Insights on SMR Technology for HDDs

hard drivesSSD OEMssd 512gb Since everyone’s impression of SMR’s hard disk is not very goodssd 512gb, so I will introduce you to some knowledge of SMR technology.

stacked tile (SMR) hard drivessd 512gb, as the name suggests, the tracks of the hard disk are fastened to the previous column like tiles. This technology can effectively improve the TPI of HDDs and greatly improve the capacity of hard disks. But this model will also bring some annoying problems, such as the reliability that many people reflect, which is more prone to failure… (Actually, I have not used SMR

hard disk)

stacked tiles, let’s talk about how the hard disk stacks tiles. First a brief diagram

Traditional writing can be seen that it is okay to write to a sector alone, and writing adjacent tracks has no effect on the data written before; Stacked tile writing, on the other hand, is not feasible.

Band is the smallest unit of data written in SMR mode. But this SMR also has a corresponding problem, there is a need to leave space between the two bands, which will also waste space, about 1% of the capacity loss. Now that the capacity of each band is dynamic, the capacity and number of tracks of a band with an outer diameter of a particular dish will be slightly larger, because if the number of outer diameter Guard Tracks is large, the capacity will be lost more.

It is precisely because the tile write cannot operate on a single track, so SMR’s HDD still retains the traditional PMR area on the disk as a Media Cache.

In general, SMR’s hard disk can only operate Media Cache in personal user mode, this area is in the outer diameter of the disk, the angular speed is the same, the outer diameter line speed is faster, the read and write speed is relatively fast, and the TPI of this area is very low, BER is excellent. Of course, this is just the general way of writing.

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