ssd 256gbThe impact of the MLCC price increase tide is expanding, and the price of HDD products is brewing!

ssd 256gbThe impact of the MLCC price increase tide is expanding, and the price of HDD products is brewing!

ssd 256gb

m2SD OEMssd 256gb Summary: July 23ssd 256gb + 8618750919058, there is news that ssd 256gb + 8618750919058, under the influence of MLCC out-of-stock, some HDD manufacturers are considering using this as an excuse to increase the price of HDD. However, for the HDD market, where demand is gradually declining, it is difficult to bring prosperity to the market.

set microgrid news, starting last year, the price increase wind from semiconductor silicon wafers, passive components, MOSFETs all the way to resistors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, diodes. At the beginning of this year, not only Guoju, Lizhi Electronics, etc. raised the price of resistors, Nijikang, Zhibao, etc. raised the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and diodes could not escape the trend of price increases.

At present, the most concerned is mlcc, and the price increase of MLCC out of stock has not yet stopped. Also benefiting from the price increase of MLCC out of stock, the revenue of Taiwanese manufacturers Guoju, Huaxinke, Heshentang and mainland manufacturers Fenghua Hi-Tech has soared.

and under the influence of MLCC out-of-stock, some products using MLCC will also usher in price increases.

July 23, according to the Nikkei News, due to the shortage of MLCC used in mechanical hard disk (HDD) electronic substrates, the price rises, in the case of increased costs, HDD manufacturers began to brew to raise prices, so that the hdD wholesale price that continues to show a decline is expected to rise.

HDD prices rise, but can not stop the closure of the factory

According to a number of market relations, after entering June, Some HDD manufacturers have used the rise in MLCC prices as an excuse to explore the possibility of raising HDD prices. The head of the sales business of an HDD factory pointed out that “the environment for raising prices has been improved.”

reported that the wholesale price of 3.5-inch 1TB products as HDD pointer products in April-June was $42.5 per each, down 13% from the same period last year, but prices are expected to recover in the future. It is reported that the price of some HDD products has increased by about 5% since July.

but it is worth noting that in recent years, the market demand for HDDs is declining year by year, and there are already large manufacturers that are closing HDD factories.

such as Western Digital, after acquiring SanDisk, began to bet on the NAND flash business. Meanwhile, due to declining demand for mechanical hard drives, WD has decided to close its HDD hard drive plant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, at the end of 2019, and in 2016, Western Digital subsidiary HGST has closed its hard drive plant in Penang, Malaysia.

WD officially issued a statement saying that “in order to cope with the long-term decline in demand for HDD hard disks, WD has taken measures to rationalize the global hard disk manufacturing business and will retire the hard disk manufacturing plant in Petaling Jaya at the end of 2019.” During this transition period, WSE will work closely with employees, customers, supplier partners, and other stakeholders. “

WD says that the data technology industry is undergoing significant changes, and this transformation is driving NAND flash and SD replaces traditional HDD hard drives, This change also brought about THE NAND/ the growth in SSD demand and the decline in demand for HDD hard drives, Wildis decided to expand its SSD manufacturing operations in Penang, which is in the final stages of construction of its second SSD plant in Penang, which will be put into production in the coming months.

price increase is due to MLCC

It is not difficult to find that even if the HDD ushers in a wave of price increases, it does not mean that this market will usher in a new life, but more like the “last carnival”, after all, this price increase comes from the shortage of MLCC, not the HDD market demand.

it is not difficult to find that under the MLCC out-of-stock and price increases, other products in the supply chain will inevitably be affected.

It is understood that the price increase of MLCC that has lasted for more than a year will not stop, and will continue to rise in the second half of this year, which will also promote the revenue and profitability of upstream manufacturers to rise sharply. Taking Guoju Electronics as an example, in May this year, the monthly profit was NT$3.5 billion, up 1073% year-on-year, the gross profit margin was nearly 70%, the net profit margin after tax also reached 55%, and the stock price has also risen sharply this year, and the stock price exceeded NT$1,000 at the beginning of the year, up more than 10 times year-on-year.

With the demand for high-performance smartphones, vehicle electronics and the demand for upcoming 5G equipment, MLCC supply and demand will continue to be tight, so the global leading factory Murata Manufacturing has recently announced plans to increase the price of all MLCC products by 2-30%.

and this price increase is still continuing, yesterday, Nikkicom said that due to the sharp increase in raw material prices, rising labor costs and tight demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors will be adjusted. Among them, the price of conductive polymer points rose by 7% in the same period, and this price took effect from August 1.

about the supply and demand situation of MLCC, SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Gui Longfu pointed out, “it can be said that it shows an unprecedented sense of tension.” Originally, electronic equipment manufacturers wanted to buy MLCC immediately, but now I am afraid that I have to wait for half a year.

however, some analysts point out that weak smartphone sales may have peaked mlCC demand. The US-China trade friction may lead to a global economic slowdown, and the export of Chinese electronic products equipped with MLCC to the United States may decrease. However, analysts believe that even in this case, MLCC may continue to be in short supply in the coming year.

and under the influence of MLCC, it is conceivable that in addition to the HDD market, there may be more products applied to MLCC to usher in a wave of price increases! (Proofreading/Jimmy) m2SSD OEMssd 256gb