ssd 256gb Memory Systems: DRAM, DDR and Memory ControllerBis

SSD 256GB Memory Systems: DRAM, DDR, and Memory controllers 

external hard disk SSD OEMssd 256GB yesterday wrote “one” SSD 256GB, the comments section understands that people write wonderful reviews.


I studied DRAM around 2012ssd 256GB, and I haven’t touched it again for a while, so the knowledge is a bit disjointed, and some other things that were not particularly concerned at the time were forgotten, pulled by the “one” comments. Today I will specifically add something about DRAM, and then the timing of the DDR.

updated: so tired, write until midnight to write such a little, and then refine it later. Let’s take a look at the the design of DDR4 and memory controllers, and I’d like to discuss nvDIMM and modern storage media later.

“one” of the DRAM arrays should actually be called an array, and DRAM arrays should be called subarray, and subarray is also composed of MAT.

the above content is pointed out in the “one” comment area, this I don’t know, today I checked it is indeed so. 


external hard disk SSD OEMssd 256GB