ssd 256g bSSD hard disk gradually replaced HDD mechanical hard disk is already the trend of the times

ssd 256gb SSD hard disk gradually replaced HDD mechanical hard disk is already the trend of the times

ssd 256g

harddrive SSD OEMssd 256gb SSD hard disk gradually replacing HDD mechanical hard disk is the trend of the timesssd 256gb+8618750919058, In 2016, the global SSD hard drives shipped 150 million ssd 256gb . It will grow further to 250 million by 2021, with a market value of up to $30 billion, which is a blue ocean in the storage market. Unfortunately, at present, this market is mainly monopolized by foreign companies, Samsung, Toshiba, Micron, Western Digital and other companies are the biggest winners in the NAND flash memory market, the only good news is that domestic companies have now entered the storage market, accelerating development in the fields of NAND flash memory, SSD master control and so on.

in the NAND flash memory, DRAM memory market, Chinese manufacturers need chips almost 100% dependent on imports, so the national semiconductor development plan has chosen memory chips as a breakthrough, especially the Unigroup-led Yangtze River Storage in Wuhan to build the largest domestic memory chip base, the first phase of investment of 24 billion US dollars, the main production of 3D NAND flash memory, the monthly production capacity of up to 300,000 wafers / month.

gradually solve the problem of NAND flash memory supply, domestic manufacturers have also invested in the field of SSD main control chips, forming a domestic NAND flash + domestic master control of the real independent property rights, so in recent years, a number of SSD main control manufacturers have emerged, the more well-known ones are Jiang Bolong, Guoke Micro, Yixin, Hualan Microelectronics, as well as the military, enterprise-level market in the Bobo, party information and other companies, In addition, there are subsidiaries set up by Taiwanese manufacturers in the mainland, such as Qunlian has established Zhaoxin Technology in Hefei, and Hangzhou Lianyun Technology has also had Taiwan-funded participation.

In general, there are no less than 10 companies that can be found in domestic public reports to enter the SSD main control market, and the number has surpassed that of companies in the United States and Taiwan. However, domestic companies in the field of main control is still an emerging force, many companies are only established in the past three or five years, such as Yixin Technology, Lianyun Technology, even if there is a background of old semiconductor companies, SSD master control business is also involved in recent years, so the vast majority of domestic main control companies face the problem is mainly lack of funds.

In this context, China’s semiconductor funds have played an important role, providing financial support for a number of enterprises through equity participation and investment, after all, the cost of developing a chip is tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan. According to public reports, on June 28, 2015, Guoke Microelectronics announced that it signed a cooperation agreement with the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. in Changsha. According to the agreement, the big fund injected 400 million yuan into Guoke Microelectronics, accounting for 21.05% of the shares, becoming the second largest shareholder.

so how far has the domestic master control developed? In the past, when evaluating domestic chips, people would always say that Chinese companies lacked technology, talents and funds, and the three problems were also the key to the domestic master control, but the situation has improved greatly in recent years, and the support of large funds has made these companies no longer lack research and development funds, and the performance of domestic master control has caught up.

through the unremitting efforts of domestic companies and the support of large funds, domestic companies have now broken out of a world in the SSD main control market, the problems of technology, talents, funds and other problems that plague the development have gradually eased, the overall level has caught up, and in the requirements of independent control and other requirements, overseas companies can not do it, the future is still very bright.

but now is not yet the time for domestic master control pride, the advanced level of the master control has been developed, but at present we can use Toshiba, Micron and other main controls, Yangtze River storage of domestic NAND flash mass production and large-scale listing it will take a year or two, domestic master control also needs to have a long run-in period with domestic flash memory, after all, for SSD, reliability needs to be tested for a long time, The domestic main control company still lacks the accumulation of this aspect, which is urgent, and can only accumulate and run in on the product. components harddriveSSD OEMssd 256gb