solid disks Are you familiar with HDD, SSD hard disk, what about HHD hard disk?

solid disks

solid disks Are you familiar with HDD, SSD hard disk, what about HHD hard disk?

harddriveSSD OEM soliddisks, for many white userssolid disks, many people are stupid to tell the type of hard disk solid disks, what solid-state disks, mechanical hard disks and other products, want to upgrade their own suitable hard disks, what is the difference in price, this article will give you an example of the mainstream three formats of hard disks should be purchased.

most common HDD

HDD HDD HDD is the abbreviation of Hard Disk Drive, is the most basic computer memory in the computer, we often say computer hard disk in the computer, the current hard disk is generally common disk capacity of 80G, 128G, 160G, 256G, 320G, 500G, 750G, 1TB, 2TB and so on. Hard disks can be divided into 3.5 inches, 2.5 inches, 1.8 inches, etc. according to the size of the disk; According to the number of revolutions can be divided into 5400rpm/7200rpm/10000rpm, etc., under normal circumstances, our notebooks use 2.5 inches, 500GB/1TB, 5400rpm/7200rpm This configuration model of mechanical hard disk. Desktop computers usually use 3.5-inch large-size mechanical hard disks, which are cheaper than 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch mechanical hard disks. It is also commonly used as a storage medium for products such as server NAS.

 mainstream configuration SSDs SSD

SSD abbreviationSSD It is the abbreviation of Solid State Drive, usually made of solid-state electronic memory chip array, which is composed of a control unit and a memory unit (FLASH chip, DRAM chip). SSDs are exactly the same as ordinary hard disks in terms of interface specifications and definitions, functions and usage methods, and are completely consistent with ordinary hard disks in product shape and size. It is widely used in military, automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminal, electric power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields.

Compared with traditional mechanical hard disks, SSDs have obvious advantages, fast read and write speed, shockproof and anti-fall, low power consumption, no noise, large operating temperature range, lightweight, But in fact, the disadvantages are also more obvious, that is, small capacity, limited life, high price, and the data cannot be repaired after the hard disk is broken.

the current mainstream notebooks, including thin and light notebooks, gaming notebooks, business notebooks all use the configuration of solid-state drives, the large popularity of solid-state drives thanks to the reduction of manufacturing costs, the current price of 1TB SSD thin and light notebooks can also be within 4500 yuan. Users also have a greater reason to buy faster and more efficient SSDs.

hybrid drive HHD

 Hybrid hard disk key travel HHD is short for hybrid harddrive, which contains both traditional hard disks and flash memory modules for mass storage devices. Flash processing stores the most frequently written or recovered data. A lot of companies are starting to offer variants of this technology, and they expect it to be sought after in high-end systems, especially in laptops and personal digital assistants. But this technology was soon replaced by progressively lower-cost SSDs, and HHD was in some ways just a transitional product, because its overall cost was not low.

how to sort out the subdivision of today’s mainstream hard disks, are you clear? If you still don’t understand the problem, welcome to leave a message below the article, the next issue of hardcore knowledge science popularization to bring you. harddriveSSD OEMsolid disks