rams HDD,Yes! HDD HDD Ladder v2022.08 Version Released


rams HDD,Yes! HDD HDD Ladder v2022.08 Version Released

solid disksSSD OEM rams HDD Ladder Chart full v2021.08

1. Add 18TB hard disks from major manufacturers;

2.Added Western Digital Blue/Black Disk SSHD series, purple disk NV series, Ultrastar DC HC600 series (SMR), common WD Re/Re4/Re+ series and other hard disk models;

3.Added Seagate Enterprise HDD (Air/Helium) 3.5″, Massive Disk 2.5″ rams, HDD 10K, HDD 15K series and Archive HDD series RAMS and grouped into the Enterprise (Legacy) area;

4.Adjusted the model of the Seagate SkyHawk AI hard drive and the location of some hard drives.

5. Removed some useless content.

1. The basic principle of the ladder diagram, the faster the hard disk model goes, the slower the speed goes down;

2.Black font indicates 3.5-inch hard disk, gray font indicates 2.5-inch hard disk;


two hard disk models are connected up and down to the same speed, and the arrow indicates that the speed is located between the upper and lower hard disks;

4. Due to the difficulty of collecting data from HGST and IBM hard disks, do not add their hard disk models to the ladder chart for the time being;

5.Most of the data of this hard disk ladder chart comes from the official website PDF file, and there are measured data on the network according to the measured data;

6. This image is original by the author.

mechanical hard disk and solid state hard disk have their advantages and disadvantages, but now many brand machines and assembly machines use all-solid-state solutions, which has an adverse impact on the development of mechanical hard disks.

mechanical hard disk has no obvious defects in addition to slow speed, and the data is easy to recover, it is recommended that you use the dual hard disk solution for installation. Mechanical hard disk storage software, games, data, data; SSD storage system.

HAMR and MAMR technology for mechanical hard drives will soon be realized, when HDDs can greatly increase capacity, further improve cost advantages, and even beat cheap SSDs.

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