laptop rams Should PS4 SILM replace the SSD?

laptop rams

laptop rams Should PS4 SILM replace the SSD?

m2SSD OEM laptop rams themselvesPS4 SILMlaptoprams, Friends of other models are for reference only.

first of all, I can replace it with an SSD laptop rams, there is no need to force it if you have no spare money.

my original hard drive was Toshiba 500G HDD, and the first game I played was Qui Ye 4. At the beginning of the game, I don’t think it is good, and the loading time is acceptable. But after playing to the Lake of the Nine Realms, you can’t stand it, because the enemies that start here begin to become stronger, and the FPS-style operation method is very painful, and often two or three miscellaneous soldiers can kill you. And every time I died, I would reload it for more than ten or twenty seconds, and I almost threw the handle away.

so I took the Western Digital 240G SSD disassembled and mounted on PS4. However, it also encountered a very depressing thing – the PS4 system directly ate the 70G hard disk, and only 170G was available for 240G.

count, anyway, are installed, how to say first try the effect.

Overall, the effect, although not as obvious as a PC, is visible to the naked eye. Although there is no calculation time, the time to visually boot up and enter the game has been shortened by about one-third, and the time for reloading after death has been shortened by more than half.

but the shortcomings of SSDs are also obvious, that is, the capacity is too small, and PS4 games are large, 170G can only fit four or five. So my head was hot and I switched to a Western Digital 1T HDD.

but it didn’t take long, and I couldn’t stand the loading time of the HDD, so I gritted my teeth and bought a 480G SSD.” After loading, it was only about 400G expected, but it was passable.

as for the removed Western Digital 1T HDD, I installed a mobile hard disk enclosure to make extended storage, idle nothing to compare the loading speed of the two hard disks. Since the PS4’s USB is version 3.0, the speed has broken through the limits of HDD, so there is no difference in the speed of the external and built-in in theory. Instead, SATA, the built-in interface is SATA2, which becomes the embarrassment (theoretically) that the external SSD is faster than the built-in.

after a period of comparison, the loading time of HDD and SSD has the following differences: (pure visual inspection)

1.Kuiye 3 and Kuiye 4 are similar, the mortality rate is slightly higher, and the loading time is crazy. Replace with SSD, and the loading time after death will be shortened from about 15 to about 7 seconds;

2, machine combat X, when viewing the pilot, the fuselage ability, the vertical drawing has a load of a few tenths of a second. There is no sign of loading after changing to an SSD;

3, Flash Trajectory 3, 4, the teleportation between the maps will be loaded for a few seconds, sometimes encountering a wide field map, and it will take a few seconds to return to the map after playing the monster. After changing to SSD, although the NOW LOADING logo will still appear when the map is switched, it basically disappears as soon as it appears.

4, P5, when switching maps, the protagonist’s avatar is usually rotated about 5 times. Shorten to two or three times after swapping with SSD.

5, Neil mechanical era, into the game, there is a screen is a line of words out. In the case of HDD, all text appears at an equal speed. Replace with the SSD, the text appears about half, and the rest appears at once, which is equivalent to the reading time of the SSD is only half of the HDD.

6、DMC5。 Similar to the 2B situation, the progress bar of the HDD is read at a uniform speed, and the SSD reads about half of the rest at once.

it is more obvious that the above games are currently more obvious. Later, because my PC’s HDD was broken, I had to install the external Western Digital 1T HDD on the PC, so I only tested these games.

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