disco ssd HDD trenchless guide High value niche professional equipment with 70% domestic market share

disco ssd

disco ssd HDD trenchless guide High value niche professional equipment with 70% domestic market share

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project background | Project Background

in recent years<span style=”color: rgb(65, 150, 120);”> disco SSD, as the Sino-US trade dispute continuesdisco SSD, The huge impact of chip supply in China’s high-end electronics field has caused strong shock and reflection at all levels in China. At this time, we really began to realize the fact that the chip industry lagged behind foreign countries in an all-round way.

However, in another field, China faces the same situation, not only the existing core technology is almost completely dependent on foreign countries, but also basic research and development is currently almost unable to catch up with foreign momentum. That is the field of high-end equipment. Data show that in 2018, 85% of China’s key components and supporting industries in the fields of automobile manufacturing, modern agriculture, high-end electric power, engineering machinery, CNC machine tools and other fields still rely on imports.

trenchless guide equipment, the same is true. Simply put, it is a set of systematic equipment composed of magnetic rods, handheld instruments, and fixed instruments. Through radar communication, the position of the magnetic rod connected to the head of the drilling machine is detected, helping the drilling machine to enter the specific fault location underground. In this way, there is no need to dig the ground, and the fault area can be easily reached, saving a lot of construction costs. This technology is widely used in urban water supply and drainage, electricity, communications, gas and other fields.

Before 2015, trenchless guidance equipment was almost monopolized by American brands, and the cheapest set of equipment was sold for more than 300,000 yuan. Mr. J, who is also engaged in related industries in the United States, was invited by the government to return to China with his team to start the road of independent research and development of trenchless guide equipment.

design definition | Design Definition

After communicating with the Octavia design team, the two sides quickly reached an agreement, that is, to be the best trenchless guide in China. The performance must be world-class, and the terminal price must be greatly reduced, and of course, the new products and new brands must be differentiated enough to be impressive.

performance, the concept of dual radar was first innovatively proposed, which directly increased the ground sensing depth of the original American brand from 10 meters to 50 meters. Secondly, in the three-proof (waterproof, anti-magnetic, shockproof) design, the Octavia team has made a large number of new designs from the structure, which can pass the harsh outdoor high temperature and rain test, and the waterproof and dustproof level of the whole machine has reached IPX7 level.

visual design of the appearance is defined as: fluid force aesthetics. Like Iron Man’s mecha, but also like the silhouette of a supercar, it is a muscle line full of power, and it is the first desire that makes people’s blood rush.

design execution | Design Execution

CMF is where the most time is spent, in order to create a layered high-grade gray tone, the design team tried dozens of different gray treatments, and finally ensured both high-grade metal and layered color matching treatment, and then matched with different materials in different parts of the entire product, by rubber, metal, plastic surface matte treatment, etc. Together, we create an extraordinary feel for high-value products.

UI is also a key part of the design, in order to highlight the high-end while improving the user experience, the design team redrew a new graphical interface, with more simplified, more popular icons to convey information, while considering the user’s outdoor gloved operating habits, the physical buttons are designed to be more suitable for one-handed control.

the whole project lasted for a year and a half before it was completed, during which a lot of time was constantly testing the model and prototype, as well as some details of the adjustment, and even the decorative stickers and silk screen on the surface of the product were also proofed more than ten times, and finally felt that the original selected box was not worthy of the temperament of the newly designed machine, and even the box was redesigned together. Do you feel that a complete set of equipment now has a higher sense of value?

design result | Design Results

After the product was launched, it attracted a lot of user attention because of its ultra-high cost performance and excellent design. Customers who used to use American brands also switched to this new product. Two years on the market, 70% of customers in the trenchless guide field have already chosen this new product, and this number is constantly growing. Because of its advanced design concept and outstanding achievements, this product also successfully won the China Excellent Industrial Design Award, the highest official award of China’s industrial design, in 2017.

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