disco solidoLittle White SSD SSD Selection Guide

disco solido

disco solidoLittle White SSD SSD Selection Guide

disco solidoSSD OEMdisco Solido compared to traditional mechanical hard disk disco solido,” solid-state drive (also known as SSD) is smaller and lighter, 2-10 times faster than mechanical hard disk disco solido, which can effectively solve the problems of slow computer boot, software opening, slow web pages, slow game loading, system running caton, etc., so whether you are a notebook or a desktop, whether you are ready to assemble a new computer or upgrade an old computer, I recommend that you replace an SSD.”

here I will briefly introduce the choice SSD must know a few points, do not want to see can also jump directly to the second half of the single product introduction, according to the budget to choose one.

We can follow the steps below to select SSD
1.See select SSD interface type

SSDs the most common SSDs are SATA interface SSDs and M.2 nvme SSD.
SSDs with SATA interfaces are the most widely used, half the size of a palm, and have been used in previous years.
The high-performance SSD of the NVME protocol of the M.2 interface is new in the past two years, about the size of two fingers, and its sequential read and write speed or 4K IPOS performance is more than twice as high as that of the SATA interface, and the performance is stronger.
Old desktop computer upgrades recommend choosing the SSD with the SATA interface, because the SSD of the SATA interface uses the same interface as the mechanical hard disk, and the compatibility is better.
Users of new computers and notebooks are recommended to choose the SSD of the M.2 interface, plug and play on the motherboard, plug and play without the trouble of wiring.

2. Look at the capacity – the bigger the better
SSD common 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1T, 2T these capacities, the same model of SSD, the larger the capacity, the better the performance, the longer the life, of course, the higher the price.
The most sold is 256GB, the price is about 400-600 yuan, the installation system + commonly used software + four or five big games are completely enough. If the budget is too small, a 128GB installation system + common software + one or two more general games is enough.

3. Look at the speed – the higher the 4k IPOS (4k random read and write) value, the faster the computer speed

4K IPOS index affects the fluency of daily use of the computer, such as opening software, game loading and other speeds, The larger the value, the better; The most publicized sequential read and write speed of manufacturers affects the speed of transferring large files, such as a 40G movie, hundreds of SLR photos, which have little

impact on the average user 4. Look at the quality – particles and master control
Storage particles and master controllers are the most core components of SSDs, affecting the performance and quality of SSDs.
Look at the storage of particles: particles are things that store data, divided into three types, SLC is the best, but there is almost no market; MLC particles are only inferior to SLC, stable and durable and long life; TLC particles are the cheapest, is now the mainstream, although all aspects are not as good as MLC, but as long as the selection of large brands of original granules, the quality will not be bad.

look at the master controller: the master control is equivalent to the brain of the SSD, affecting all aspects of the SSD data, and the bad master control will be the first to break than the particles. At present, the better main control is the horse brand Marvell and Samsung, followed by Toshiba, Huirong and Qunlian.

5. The brands with better brands
are Samsung, Pulket, YLR, Intel, Toshiba, Jianxing, HP, SanDisk and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the knowledge points, the following will say several mainstream SSDs, which can be purchased according to the budget and recommended index.

M.2 NVME’s high-performance SSD
1.Samsung 970EVO (256GB 699 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★★★

Samsung is definitely the boss in the SSD field! 970EVO is a new product on sale in May 2018, using Samsung’s own TLC particles and the current top Samsung Phoenix master control, the warranty is 5 years, two years more than 960EVO, so in terms of quality and performance do not have to worry at all, sequential read and write 2450MB/s, 4K IPOS value of 275k, is the fastest of all TLC particleSD, and Samsung’s SSD is very stable, Rarely have I heard of Samsung’s SSD going wrong.

2. Samsung 970PRO (512GB 2199 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★★
970PRO is the flagship and most perfect product in all SSDs. Using the top Samsung Phoenix master control, MLC particles, warranty of 5 years, because it is MLC particles, so there is almost no drop speed, very stable. Sequential read and write 2900MB/s, 4K IPOS value of 435k, said to be the fastest SSD at present deserved. Because the price is too expensive, the degree of recommendation is not high.
If the price is too expensive, it is recommended that Samsung SM961, alignment 960 PRO, the same master control of the same MLC particles, 256GB price is only about 670 yuan, very cost-effective. However, SM961 is a product provided by Samsung to major brand machines and notebook manufacturers, so the official channel is not on sale, there is no official after-sales service, only X Treasure personal store is on sale and provides store warranty.

3. Pukot M9PeG (256GB 589 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★★

Pucote This price is cheaper, Toshiba original TLC granules, horse brand master control is the highlight, but also with a heat dissipation vest, 5 years warranty, quality can be assured. Sequential read and write 2000MB/s, 4K IPOS value of 170k, the speed is not very fast, but the price is cheap, the use is stable, and the budget is not so high to choose.

4. Intel 760P (256GB 759 yuan)
recommendation index: ★★★

Intel this in addition to the price, the other are quite good, Hui Rong main control + Intel TLC particles, although the performance in all aspects is not better than Samsung 970EVO but it is much stronger than the aforementioned Pukot M9PeG. Intel is a big name and also has a certain faith blessing. Sequential read and write 2262.5MB/s, 4K IPOS value of 235K.

5. HP EX900 (250GB price 459 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★

a very, very cheap nvme high-performance SSD , using magnesium light white sheet particles, HP master control, read and write 1700MB/s, 4K IPOS 117.5K, the speed is not fast in NVME solid state, but it is also much faster than traditional SATA. This disk is mainly low price, quality is more general, if you want a cheap NVME protocol of the SSD, you can buy this, otherwise it is recommended to add 100 yuan to buy HP EX 920 or Picot M9PeG.

Traditional SSDs with
SATA interface 1. Samsung 860EVO (256GB 459 yuan
). Recommendation index: ★★★★★

SATA interface is the most recommended to buy one, 1 because it is the fastest in SATA SSDs; 2 because Samsung’s SSD is super stable, almost no one has said that there are quality problems, so that people can buy at ease, buy with peace of mind. Samsung master control + Samsung TLC particles, with 5 years is not a problem, sequential read and write 535MB/s, 4K IPOS 94k. Although it is a little expensive, it is fast, stable in operation, and the peace of mind of use.

2. Toshiba Q200 (240GB 439 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★★★

its biggest feature is the use of Toshiba’s MLC particles, the main control is jointly developed by The horse brand and Toshiba, in the particles and master control are very good, so the life is very long, sequential reading and writing 530MB/s, 4K IPOS 74k, Although the speed is not very fast, it is the advantage of durability.

3. Jianxing T9 (256GB 679 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★

it can be said to be perfect in hardware, Toshiba eMLC granules (more durable than traditional MLC) + authentic horse brand master control, is the most ideal collocation of SSD, life expectancy of more than 10 years. Sequential read and write 455MB/s, 4k IPOS 77.5k, although the speed is not fast, but it is indeed more stable and does not drop, durable and durable, the product is a good product, but the price is too expensive, so the degree of recommendation is not high.

4. YLENDA BX300 (240GB 399 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★★

may be the cheapest SSD of MLC particles. The use of magnesium light MLC particles, but the main control is slightly worse, is the main control of Hui Rong. Sequential read and write 530MB/s, 4K IPOS is 89.5k, the speed is still quite fast, cost-effective. However, this SSD has a driver problem, you must use Microsoft’s own driver, can not use Intel’s driver, otherwise it is easy to produce the phenomenon of Caton. The specific method can be inserted on the Internet, if you don’t want to and won’t toss, don’t think about this.

5. Intel 545s (256GB 499 yuan)
Recommendation index: ★★★★

price is not cheap, but you gain more perfect after-sales service and a more assured experience. This 545s use its own TLC particles + HuiRong main control chip, sequential read and write 525MB/s, 4K IPOS is 80k, the speed is not bad. The most important thing is that it has 5 years of excellent after-sales service, which can be purchased with confidence.

6. Toshiba TR200 (240GB 329 yuan)
Recommended index: ★★★

This is a low-cost gerry quality performance is still quite good, if the budget is not much, buy this one. TR200 was not recommended before, because its main control is weak, and it is still expensive to sell, but now its price has fallen all the way, from 569 yuan at the beginning of the year to 329 yuan now, although cheap, but Toshiba’s own 3DTLC particles are still very assured. The speed is also good, you can use it with confidence.

attached to the parameters of several solid states described in this article:

In addition, there is also an SSD that uses the PCI-E slot interface, which has better performance, but the price is also more expensive, relatively niche, not much to say.

Finally, no matter which interface SSD you are going to buy, check that your motherboard does not support the corresponding slot before purchasing. In the past year, the new and old interfaces of newly bought computers or motherboards are relatively complete, and there is generally no need to worry; If the old computer is old, you should carefully look at the supported interface types and then choose. disco solidoSSD OEMdisco solido