disco solido Perfect quality WD RED HDD helps Unicom TS428 create a stable storage experience

disco solido

disco solido Perfect quality WD RED HDD helps Unicom TS428 create a stable storage experience

solid state drive SSD OEMDisco Solido With the advent of the era of big data<span< span=””> style=”color: rgb(65, 150, 120);”> disco solido, cloud storage has been widely useddisco solido, With its excellent storage capabilities, NAS has become one of the preferred storage methods for enterprises and homes. So what exactly is NAS? What kind of advantages does it have that? The short answer is that NAS has efficient storage capabilities, can be used as private or corporate cloud storage, and has a high security factor. NAS is also a working gimbal, through which enterprises can share and manage resources. In addition, NAS has a variety of extended functions, it can be downloader, video entertainment, data backup, station and so on. It can be said that NAS is an all-round warrior without compromise. </span<>

even the all-round warrior must have a good helper, this time in order to make the NAS stable and efficient storage environment, I chose WD RED HDD red disk, the advantage of this hard disk is that it can operate continuously and stably 7*24, and it is optimized for RAID and has excellent storage performance!

the protector of data — super hard drives

WD Red hard drives are designed for 1 to 8 bay NAS systems, and are currently available in 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch sizes. The hard drive is suitable for 24×7 working environment, suitable for the demanding requirements of home and small and medium-sized office NAS systems, and has been extensively tested.

WD Red drives have a maximum capacity of 12TB* and use NASware 3.0 technology to optimize the performance of any NAS system. The advanced technologies of NASware 3.0 are built into every WDRed, improving compatibility, integration, upgradeability and reliability to improve the storage performance of the system. Store your valuable data in a stable device.

WD Red Drive makes it easy to transfer, backup, share and organize your digital content to devices at home. NASware 3.0 technology also improves the compatibility of hard disks with devices, TVs, stereos and other home devices, and supports a workload rate of up to 180TB/year, which is not possible for small and medium-sized enterprises or households. The transfer speed of 6GB/s, the cache of 256M, and the speed of 5400 per minute are all guarantees of the reliability of the hard disk.

a picture to see all the information of WD Red hard drive.

In order to let everyone see the real read and write performance of WD Red hard disk, here is directly connected to the motherboard for testing. Two commonly used test software, CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD. Through the test results, we see that the read and write of WD Red hard disk are stable at 200MB/s, which is also the mainstream speed of STAT interface of mechanical hard disk.

fixed the hard disk, installed it in TS-428, and the preliminary preparation work has been completed. Next, connect the network cable and power supply and enter the system management interface of QNAP NAS.

 QNAP TS-428 introduction

QNAP TS-428 network memory packaging is very simple, even the product model logo is still pasted, the lower right corner is QNAP logo, here and 4 WD RED HDD 8T red disk and a photo, because it will not be removed when installed, haha!

QNAP TS-428 family portrait: NAS host, power adapter, two CAT 6 cables, instruction manual, mounting hard drive screws, and hard disk seat tabs. For the fixing of the 2.5-inch hard disk, you still need to use small screws!

elegant appearance – simplicity is not simple

 QNAP TS-428 is equipped with Realtek quad-core RTD1296 1.4 GHz processor and 2GB DDR4 Memory, with super processing performance, through the front we can see that this NAS supports the installation of 4 hard disks. It’s a pity that QNAP TS-428 does not use metal materials, but fortunately, the texture of the real machine is good, and the main engine adopts white/trench gold color, and the temperament has improved a lot. In the luxury gold area, there are various indicators and switch buttons of TS-428, and there is also a USB3.0 interface on the front, and users can transfer data!

There is an air intake hole on the left side of the QNAP TS-428, after all, 4 hard drives working at the same time, and the heat emitted by the built-in components is not to be underestimated. On the other side is the cloud key of the QNAP system.

came to the back of the QNAP TS-428, and the first thing I saw was a cooling fan, which is not small. It has 2 RJ45 network ports, 21 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports, and a power port. The scaling performance is still excellent!

QNAP TS-428 supports hot swapping of hard disks, and hard disks can be replaced online. When installing the hard disk, you only need to remove the hard disk card slot, and it is also very popular when installing, and there is no need for screw fixation, because there are fixed side strips.

practical – always surprises you< p data-pid=

Users who are familiar with NAS know that system software is more important than hardware. An excellent operating system has high requirements in terms of ease of use, security and playability, and will directly affect the user’s experience. QTS This is the operating system of QNAP NAS devices. Like ordinary computers, system installation is required first, and QNAP provides a variety of installation methods, which can be installed locally through the “QfinderPro” software, and can also be installed “cloud key installation”.

computer accesses with a browser findssd.com, the following interface will appear, first initialize the NAS, and then enter the Cloud Key printed on QNAP TS-428 (the card on the right side of the host), and then a process-based installation guide will appear, just follow the guide to complete the operation.

installation process will not be introduced here, the main thing is also very simple, remember to read the manual.


“QfinderPro” software installed locally

QNAP TS-428 supports web operation, but also supports software use, this software called “QfinderPro” can be found on the official website. The home page sees the NAS that is already online, through the software we can upload and download files, and we can also set the NAS, as well as view the detailed hard disk capacity and so on. Personally, I feel that the software is more convenient than the web version.

【Operating System QTS4.4.1 Details】

QTS has maintained a fast update speed to meet the needs of users for NAS. At present, the latest version is QTS4.4.1, enter 192.168.*.*:8080 in the browser, and then enter the login username and password to access the NAS.

QTS’s system operation interface and operation logic are similar to Windows, what you see is what you get. The entire operating system interface can be divided into two sections: toolbar and desktop space. Through the picture, we can see that the toolbar is located at the top of the interface, and we can complete the search operation through the search function that comes with the toolbar. In the setting area, we can also shut down the NAS, view capacity, upgrade the system, and display background tasks and system message notifications.

desktop space shows commonly used software, feel the same as the desktop shortcut of Windows operating system, here you can add or remove the corresponding software.

For NAS, you know what it is used for, and you may have encountered the following situation.

1、The data of my cloud disk is too large and I don’t want to open the computer to download.

2、I want to back up a 50G movie resource, what should I do?

3. The flash memory in the mobile phone is not enough, what should I do with the photos.

4, there are things backed up in each cloud, and I want to sort them all out at once.

and other problems can be solved with NAS.

practical one: speed determines everything

we know that QNAP TS-428 has 2 RJ45 network ports, supports link aggregation, and the transmission speed of a single device has exceeded the peak of gigabit networks. If you have multiple devices connected, the total speed can reach double the peak of a gigabit network, which is already very fast for a NAS.

simply tested the speed, through CrystalDiskMark to test the iSCSI virtual hard disk, random mode and all-zero compressible state mode data, by default get 117MB/s read and write 118MB/s. Read at full zero is 117MB/s and the speed is 116MB/s. Are you still satisfied with such a speed? For users who use NAS regularly, they will be very surprised by this speed.

users familiar with gigabit networks know that this speed is already its limit, QNAP TS-428 NAS supports full-speed upload and download, similar to the super membership function of cloud disk. In addition, it should be noted that it has two RJ45 network ports, supports dual-link aggregation function, supports multiple people to use together, and the speed can be increased.

utility two: offline download

>NAS supports offline download This is also the biggest feature, usually the favorite is to download blockbusters (not sister). Of course, you can download a file or game, along with other information.

This feature requires us to download the Download Station application in the APP center, which supports multiple download modes, including BT, PT, Megnet link, HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPS. The use method is also simple, if the torrent is directly dragged and dragged on it, of course, here to say, the download speed depends on the resource, such as some scarce resources, the speed is still not very ideal, but it is much easier than you open the computer to download. In addition, you also enter the URL of the BT file to complete the download task. Background downloads don’t require you to view them in real time.

Relying on WD Red Red Disk 24×7 working performance, you can download resources with complete confidence. Because WD Red Red Disk adopts NASware 3.0 technology, it improves the compatibility and reliability of NAS, ensuring that your important data will not be lost!

Practical three: Support access of mainstream platform devices

“QLNIOo4g”> QNAP NAS currently supports iOS platform, Android platform, Windows platform, MacOS platform, Linux platform, it can be said that the whole platform has been seamlessly connected, that is, no matter which platform you use, you can read and upload backup data on QNAP NAS. Truly user-friendly.

utility four: snapshot

 I love playing big single-player games, do you know what’s the most important thing to play this type of game? Save, because some levels you may have a lot of effort to pass, so I am the first time to save. QNAP NAS snapshots are similar to the archive function, which can record the state of thick or thin volumes at a specified point in time to help protect stored data. In the event of accidental or accidental deletion of data, you can use snapshots to restore the data to a previous state. However, there are advantages and disadvantages: the read and write performance of this volume will be reduced after this function is enabled, but for data security, it is also worth it.

is actually afraid of data loss and corruption, which is why I chose WD Red Red disk, if data loss will be a very tricky thing, support up to 180TB/year workload rate, with 6GB/s transfer speed, 256M cache, 5400 rpm, are the guarantee of hard disk reliability.

rich software and strong usability< p data-pid=

“dxXcaf4D”> QNAP QTS system has a wealth of application expansion, in the App Center can install QNAP designed applications or third-party software to expand NAS services. Between the WD Red 8T drives I use, I tend to store some HD videos. Of course, other extensions will also be used, such as backups, virtual machines, VPNs, entertainment, monitoring, tools, etc.!

Useful Entertainment App Recommendation:

Cinema28: Cinema28 is a multi-region streaming application that can play multimedia files and also be able to view detailed device information, including the current content, the current user, the list of the content being played, and the applications and devices used. The cutest thing is that you can drag the file directly to the device to play! Relying on WD Red hard drive mass storage, multiple hundreds of blockbusters, no problem!

Music Station Digital Music Library: Enjoy your music collection in the cloud. The interface is close to common web players. Support a variety of song viewing and management interface, in addition to your own enjoyment, you can also one-click sharing function to recommend to your friends and family.

Photo Station: Personal cloud network album, easy to manage photos and videos. Users can browse photos according to the order in which they were taken, or they can create their own albums to browse photos. You can also play photos by playing slides, which is a very good software.

Video Station: An ideal video management tool. You can manage a variety of videos stored centrally on your NAS, including movies, TV series, home movies, and music videos.

QNAP TS-428 also has several technical highlights, one of which I like the support for real-time transcoding of videos. Supports H.264/H.265 video hardware decoding and file conversion, and can also convert 4K movies to a format that can be played smoothly on various devices. In addition, it also supports 360° panoramic viewing pictures, if you are an outdoor enthusiast and often use the panoramic camera to shoot, then you can upload it to the NAS and enjoy it in real time.


 After this period of use, QNAP TS-428 can be said to be a very good NAS product, whether it is hardware or software, it can be said to be very good. In addition, the 4 WD Red Red disks used can also be said to be the masterpiece of Western Digital, the maximum capacity of the hard disk is 10TB*, and the NASware 3.0 technology can optimize the performance of any NAS system. The advanced technologies of NASware 3.0 are built into every WDRed, improving compatibility, integration, upgradeability and reliability to improve the storage performance of the system. Your valuable data will be protected with more care. This sharing article is only a small part of the QNAP TS-428 NAS, if you just want a NAS, you may want to consider it. As for the hard disk, I highly recommend WD Red hard disk, complete, stable and efficient, is what we need!

Thank you for reading at the end, the full article is over.

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