ddr3 memory How do I migrate my operating system to SSD/HDD?

ddr3 memory

ddr3 memory How do I migrate my operating system to SSD/HDD?

solid disks SSD OEMddr3 memory how to migrate operating systems to SSD/ HDD? Many computer users  ddr3 memory, because the computer is stuttering after a long time ddr3 memory, they will choose to replace the new hard disk. In addition, the advent of SSDs has also made some users very eager to experience the speed brought by SSDs, so how to perfectly migrate the operating system to SSDs or new mechanical hard disks has become a problem that everyone is concerned about. Today, I will tell you how to migrate the original operating system to SSD/HDD perfectly and safely!

First, we need to connect the new SSD/HDD to the computer, and then we use “ easy partition master” This professional disk partition management tool.

the specific operation is as follows:

step 1 Select “Migrate OS

run I partition master , click the “Migrate Operating System” option in the toolbar in the upper right corner of the software. This feature clones your operating system to a new hard disk. The software will automatically select the boot and system partitions to ensure that the target disk can boot correctly after work.

step 2 Select

the target disk

select the target disk to which you want to migrate the operating system. Note: If there is not enough unallocated space in front of the target disk, the software will delete some partitions on the target disk before starting the system migration.

step 3 Edit the partition size on the destination disk and click “Execute” to start cloning.

step 4 If the data on the destination disk is being used by someone else, Easy Partition Master will start the process of creating a WinPE boot disk and then restart the computer to continue disk cloning in the WinPE environment. Otherwise, it can complete the cloning directly in the Windows environment.

I partition master As an all-in-one disk management tool, it can create, format, hide, delete, erase partitions, and easily resize partitions, merge partitions, and allocate space to ensure that users make the most of Windows PC & Server disk space; Additional cloning function, you can clone partitions or disks, migrate the operating system to larger and newer disks, and optimize system operation; It can also scan and recover lost partitions on the disk to solve the problem of data loss caused by accidental partition deletion; Create a startup disk that allows you to boot and manage disks even if the system does not boot properly!

Now everyone should know how to migrate the operating system to SSD/HDD, right? Hurry up Download Easy Partition Master to try! solid disksSSD OEMddr3 memory