ddr3 8gb Adda USB HDD for your Xiaomi RouteR1D

ddr3 8GB Adda USB HDD for your Xiaomi RouteR1D

hard drive SSD OEM ddr3 8GB Downloading more and more TV series on the Xiaomi route ddr3 8gb +8618750919058, also used for time machine backups. 1T space is increasingly insufficient.

I will briefly explain hereddr3 8gb+8618750919058, and how to add a new USB HDD to the Xiaomi router and integrate it into the original 1T space.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

modify the data center, and Adjust to a modification to samba.

repartition external hard disks: disk -l and Fdisk This hard disk (repartitioned for external USB HDDs)

formatted external hard disk: mkfs.ext4 Format external hard disk

Modify datacenter: S80datacenter under rd.d, add USB HDD mount, mount to the “Download” directory

restart: reboot restart Xiaomi router

repartition external hard disk

Log in to the Mi route using SSH and enter the

locate the Disk ID of the external hard drive. My external hard drive is /dev/sbd and the partition ID is /dev/sdb1.

ddr3 8GB 

, enter:

under its Command boot, make sure you create a partition for the external hard disk.

formatting an external hard drive

use the instruction

format your external hard drive to the ext4 version of the file format, the process will be a bit slow, and my thing has been completed, so I don’t format it once, in order to take a screenshot.

after patiently waiting for the format, enter

and restart the Xiaomi route.

rename the original “Downloads” folder

< p data-pid=”0ddPKQmB” > the process is simple. I operate under the UI interface.

open your Xiaomi route smb and change the download to “Download 1”.

modify S96samba

modify S96samba There are many ways to modify S96samba, and the RC.d file of S96samba is located under “/etc/RC.d/S96samba”.

if you don’t have any tricks, you can also modify it with vi.

I’m going to prompt vi for the command here.

enter I first, then move the cursor to make changes, and then enter:wq to save exit.

but vi doesn’t support Chinese, and I don’t know how to handle it because I don’t use vi either.

I used the FTP protocol to connect with the Xiaomi router, in Sublime Text.

at the end of start(), before its },


this instruction

remember to save it!

restart the Xiaomi router R1D

input instructions, restart the route

wait about 5 minutes, connect to the same service of Xiaomi Route, you can see that there are folders such as data in the download directory, which means success. (Because after the external disk is formatted, data, TDDOWNLOAD, etc.)

if you still feel uneasy in your heart, you can also enter the terminal instruction

to check whether it is successfully mounted to the corresponding directory.

download more things right away


originally I planned to integrate the external hard disk into the time-capsule, but unfortunately, Time Machine used a sandbox environment, Its sandbox environment does not have an external hard drive mounted. So there’s no way around it.

had to fuse the external hard disk into the “download” directory, which was controlled under etc, so it was still very easy to operate. hard drive SSD OEM ddr3 8GB