【SSD OEM】ddr3 The Way to Balance—ThinkPad T470 Handson Experience

ddr3  SSD OEM

ddr3 The Way to Balance—ThinkPad T470 Handson Experience

1tb ssd drive SSD OEM ddr3 * Full review updated: all-round combat — ThinkPad T470

DDR3 +8618750919058, the ThinkPad T series has always been known for its reliability and stability. Every time someone asks meddr3+ 8618750919058, and I want a low-key and restrained machine with a comprehensive interface coverage, a good keyboard feel, and a strong adaptability, I will recommend the T series.

HDD+ dual hard drives with SSDs (SATA & PCIe) that offer a variety of combinations

In terms of storage devices, thinkPad T470 also continues to retain a dual hard drive interchangeable design, one piece SSD is fast, can load system and common software, another mechanical hard disk with large capacity for storing data and large files, such a combination is very practical at present, both speed can be taken into account, but also at less cost to get large storage space. Of course, if you are not satisfied in the later stage of use, you can also directly replace the HDD with an SSD (SSD OEM)to avoid the trouble of reinstalling the system.

In addition to the three features above, the good traditions of other ThinkPads have been preserved. For example, T470 is still familiar with the keyboard feel, 1.8mm key range standard ThinkPad keyboard, rebound powerful, keycaps comfortable touch,

In addition, with the small red dot used ”
three keys” and touchpad compared to the previous generation has also changed, the new design is closer to X1C, minus the original small red dot three keys and the space between the touchpad, the touchpad area is larger , SSD OEMand support Microsoft Windows 10 Precision certification, so in use can also be perfectly coordinated with all the gesture control of Win 10.

In addition, other hardware configurations are updated by calendar calendar conventions:

Overall, the ThinkPad T470 may not be as eye-catching as some of the “thinnest / lightest in the world” products, but the T470 series naturally has its own advantages, with more comprehensive interfaces, a dual battery that can be expanded to provide longer battery life, and more replaceable parts, all of which are reasons to choose.

if you want to know the specific performance of the final BNP version, please stay tuned to this column, we will update the ThinkPad T470 in detailed reviews in the near future. 1tb ssd driveSSD OEMddr3